A Photo Journey Through Rome, the Eternal City

Pope Benedict the 16th blessing crowds of people gathered in St. Peter's Square. Pope Benedict the 16th blessing crowds of people gathered in St. Peter's Square.

Rome. A place BJ and I have always wanted to see. We had to raise kids and put them through school first. But once this was done, we packed our bags and headed to the Eternal City.


We flew Alitalia from Kennedy International in New York City and landed at Leonardo de Vinci airport near Rome. Instead of taxi, we took a train into the city.


Our first adventure began when we mistakenly stepped off the train four stops shy of our destination .


Pulling luggage, we wandered down streets of graffiti lined buildings. Never saw so much graffiti in my life! And a conglomeration of cars, scooters, buses, and even four-wheel cycles, all buzzing madly in and out of traffic streaming both ways in the narrow, cobblestone streets.


Finally we waved down a taxi and rode the rest of the way to a convent in Trastevere, an arts district just across the Tiber River from Rome. In America we call it a suburb. It’s that in Rome, too. I just can’t remember the Italian name for it. The sisters greeted us pleasantly at the door and directed us to our room.


During our ten day visit, Hud took over a thousand photographs. Some won awards in photo competitions back in the Texas. The slide presentation below features some of the best shots of our Roman experience. Hope you enjoy them.

Photo Gallery of Our Travels

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