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October 2010 Photo of the month.

Some folks call Lowbrows the best little beer and wine garden in North Texas. Located in Pilot Point northwest of Dallas as the crow flies; Highway 377 runs through it. The place is owned by Robert Albrecht. He answers to “Bob” if you've a hankering to drop in on him when driving through. Here's what he has to say about the history of the building:


"The building’s only been three things in the past115 years. In 1893 it was Dad Robin's Restaurant. Somewhere around 1900, 1905 The Post Signal, oldest continually operated newspaper in Denton County, moved into it. When the paper moved out in 1960, it remained vacant and falling apart until I bought it seven, eight years ago. The front of the building had fallen out into the street, the ceiling had fallen in, and it was a general wreck. The guy who sold it to me said it would make a good parking lot. The city inspector got a football helmet from the local high school, crawled around inside the building, and declared it safe enough to restore. Since restoration is my bailiwick, the rest is history. I have the only remaining original front on the square except for the bank building, which is newer. But most everything you see in my building is original from way back in the day.”


Bob says come on out and meet him. “Stop in any time you see the light on. Our staff is incompetent and our management is surly, but we’re working on all that. We’re a neighborhood watering hole with a difference. There’re lots of opinions about what that difference is. We recommend you make your own decisions.”


“Oh,” says Bob, “regarding our hours. Don’t get here before noon, and don’t stumble in after midnight.”


Lowbrow’s Beer and Wine Garden is located at 200 S. Washington St. on the Southwest corner of the square in Pilot Point.  Phone number is (940) 686-3801.

September Photo of the Month - Campbellton, Texas

Caracara - Mexican Eagle Caracara - Mexican Eagle Photo by Hud
Demale & Male Caracara Female & Male Photo by Hud
Male Caracara Photo by Hud

I spotted a pair of Caracaras perched on a telephone pole east of Campbellton, Texas, on FM 791. These are the same creatures as on the Mexican flag. Beautiful birds with regal presentation. I sat in my car and watched them for a good ten minutes before photographing them. Caught without a long lense, I was forced to digitally enlarge the photographs in Photoshop and lost some of the sharpness. The lesson learned here is never be without at least a 300 mm lense for pictures like this.


The common name, caracara, is what South Americans call the bird because they say it immitates its sound. Also, called the Caracara Eagle, King Buzzard, Mexican Eagle, Audubon's Caracara, and Mexican Buzzard. The Caracara is considered a falcon, lives in South and Central American, and as far north as South Texas.

August 2010 Photo of the Month - Three Rivers, Texas

Tejano from Three Rivers Tejano from Three Rivers, Texas. Photo by Hud.

I met this old gentleman outside a grocery store in Three Rivers, Texas. Beside him on the bench sat his few plastic bags of groceries. His graveled voice was difficult to understand and I never could get his name. What I liked about him was the gentle eyes and cherubic smile set among the rugged features of his face. He called himself with pride an old Tejano. I liked him immediately.

Quote of the Month

No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.


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