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  • Patsy Wells (Saturday, August 03 13 04:51 pm EDT)

    I just finished my copy of your book, History of Live Oak County and enjoyed it so much. While I had previously read some of these stories or I should say bits and pieces, your book brought it all
    together for me. But I had not heard of the Ramirez family. Ramirena Creek runs right through our ranch but I believe we are west of this site. I want to know more. I look forward to future writings.

  • James Collins (Tuesday, July 09 13 11:33 am EDT)

    I was told that actually the shortest SH in Texas is the street that runs through the Texas State Cemetery in Austin. Can't wait to read your books! Did you study at TCU?

  • Drusanne Hunter (Wednesday, May 08 13 11:43 am EDT)

    Hi! I am Drusanne(Dove)Hunter daughter of Homer and Jeanie Dove. You came to my fathers home and took pictures and information. I understand you came to Three Rivers and sold some books. I would like
    to purchase a book. Also any book that has pictures of my Dad's history. Thank you! Drusanne D. Hunter

  • Kaed (Wednesday, August 10 11 02:57 pm EDT)

    I'm so glad that the intenret allows free info like this!

  • Sandy (Thursday, February 10 11 10:47 am EST)

    Mimi and Hud,
    I love the site. This is the 3rd or 4th time i have visited it, and i am always excited to see new beautiful pictures from Hud. Keep it and and please keep me updated. I love ya'll!

  • Robert Kuhns (Thursday, January 27 11 11:31 am EST)

    After reading Sgt. Mund's writing I would like to obtain a similar writing of the ditching of "Ole Repulsive" which occurred about a month earlier over the Adriatic Sea. My brother, Sgt Victor L
    Kuhns KIA was the tail gunner on that plane and a tent mate and a best friend of Sgt. Mund.

    Bob Kuhns
    Arlington, KS

  • Phyllis Boerm (Wednesday, August 18 10 12:18 pm EDT)

    Very good website. All the stories and articles I have read have been very interesting and informative. I especially like the war stories.
    Keep up the good work. I will most certainly be visiting this site on a regular basis. It is now one of my "Favorites."

  • Rev. Dr. Dan Strizek (Wednesday, August 11 10 08:00 am EDT)

    Message: I am so glad i have found your website, and thankful that you are publishing Mr. Mund's story. My father flew 50 missions in 1944 w/ the 460th BG. he was lead bombardier on many missions. It
    good to read about the outfit. Thanks for youe good work.

    Rev. Dr. Dan Strizek
    Lakewood, CO
    303 912 9549

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